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Welcome to Kern Ridge! We prioritize your satisfaction by offering a remarkable selection of high-quality products. Our courteous and attentive sales representatives take pride in providing personalized service to meet your specific needs. Explore our range of exceptional products, including our renowned and delicious carrots, along with seasonal offerings of California citrus and green bell peppers. We are committed to maintaining superior quality across all our products. Discover the excellence of Kern Ridge products today.

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Conventional California Carrots

Discover the excellence of Kern Ridge Growers'

fresh California carrots, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency.

Fresh Whole Carrots 

Standard packs:

Cellos: 48/1#, 24/2#, 16/3#, 10/5#, 5/10#

Table Size: 10#,  25#, 50#

Jumbo Size: 10#, 25#, 50#

Juice: 25# 50#


(Custom Packs & Private Labels Available Upon Request)

Cut and Peeled Carrots

Kern Ridge’s Whole Peeled Carrots are gown from proprietary seed varieties proven to provide consistently great tasting carrots.   Our carrots are then raised in the ideal growing conditions provided by California and  harvested while still young to ensure the best flavor and texture profiles.  We harvest fresh daily fifty two weeks per year to ensure that our products reach you at the peak of freshness.

Cut and Peeled

(Standard and Slim Size Available) 

Standard packs:

20 lb. cartons: 20/1#, 10/2#, 4/5#

24 lb. cartons: 24/1#, 12/2#

30 lb. cartons: 30/1#, 15/2#

40 lb. cartons: 40/1#, 20/2#, 8/5#

Bulk Bags: 

25# Bag

50# Bag

Snack Packs: 

24/4/3 oz.




50/3.75 oz.

 72/3 oz


 100/3 oz

100/2.6 oz.

100/2 oz.

150/2 oz.

200/1 oz.

200/1.3 oz

 200/1.6 oz.

(Custom Packs & Private Labels Available Upon Request)

Organic Carrots

All Kern Ridge Growers’ Organic Carrots are packed under the

All Natural Label and certified by California Certified Organic Farmers.


Organic Whole Carrots

Standard packs:

Cellos: 48/1#, 24/2#, 10/5#

Table Size: 25#, 50#

Jumbo Size: 25#, 50#

Juice Carrots: 25#, 50#

Organic Cut and Peeled:

 24/1#, 12/2#, 4/5#, 30/1#, 15/2# 

Bulk Bags:

 25# bag

50# bags 

(Custom Packs & Private Labels Available Upon Request)

California Citrus

Kern Ridge Growers is now packing and shipping citrus under our Kern Ridge and Morning Fresh Labels. To place an order for Kern Ridge citrus, please contact our sales office. We would be happy to consolidate your citrus order with your carrot order for your convenience.

Green Bell Peppers

Kern Ridge Growers offer the finest green bell peppers seasonally.

Our bell peppers are available for shipment normally starting

the first week of June and ending during the third week of July.

Green Bell Peppers

Packed in a 1 1/9 bushel carton